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Massage aux pierres chaudes  Mont Édouard Fjord Spa Nordique Auberge lAnse Saint Jean29

For the ultimate feeling of well-being, extend these feelings of peace harmony and relaxation and take advantage of our massage therapy, available at our relaxation centre. Several types of massage are offered; Californian, Swedish, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Indian, Pregnant Women. These massages can also be given outside in a yurt when weather permits. Gift certificates for massage therapy and for our relaxation packages are also available.


Reconciles together the body, spirit, and emotions.  It uses long movements while gently pressing down and massaging.


This massage includes a series of movements that is applied one after the other on all the body parts.

Hot stone massage

The alternation of hot stone and hands provides a harmonious feeling and well-being as well as a deep relaxation.


Through pressure points, reflexology helps to improve the blood circulation and the corresponding lymphatic system...relaxing and divine...

Pregnancy massage available


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