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Rates 2016

Pricing 2016 ; baths, massage and relaxation therapy. Ask our gift card offer a spa and relaxation package.

Baths pricing

Bath day  $42

Fin de journée :

Les vendredis et dimanches entre 16h et 18h 

Les samedis entre 17h00 et 19h00

Réservation préférable



 Pricing and packages massage bath / massage

Massage 60 minutes: $73
Massage 90 minutes: $105
Hot stone massage or packs 90 minutes: $135

 Pricing packages bath / massage

Bath day and relaxing massage of your choice for 60 minutes: $109
Bath day and full choice of massage 90 minutes: $139
Bath day and hot stone massage 90 minutes: $169

Pricing exclusive treatments

Doctors Fish: (30 minutes) $30
Temazkal cab: (20 minutes) $20


Taxes. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Cancellation Policy massage: You must notify us of a cancellation at least 24 hours before your appointment. After this period, the total amount including taxes will be charged to your credit card.