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Mont Édouard Fjord Spa Nordique Auberge lAnse Saint Jean42

Mont Édouard Fjord Spa Nordique Auberge lAnse Saint Jean47

Mont Édouard Fjord Spa Nordique Auberge lAnse Saint Jean48

Mont Edouard

Recessed at an altitude of 650 metres, its summit offers an amazing view of the Saguenay Fjord. With an average slope of 450 metres, the station offers a good quality light snow which begins to appear in November and all through March. Secure trails full of challenges or simply a lot of fun, that’s what you’ll find at Mont Edouard, the 6th highest mountain in Quebec a mountain with character!

Let yourself go on the north face which offers 28 slopes and hours of enjoyment. For the beginner skier there are 3 kms of trails for the whole family; and for those more daring, slopes attaining 62% incline.
Know how to meet other challenges such as; snow tubing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, dog sledding, skiing, etc.

Spring, Summer, and Autumn

The Centre de Villégiature Au Pied d’Edouard is next to Le Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay and the Parc Marin du Saguenay St-Laurent. Spring, summer, and autumn bring plenty of opportunities to enjoy interesting activities. Mountain biking, the bicycle trail, the hiking trail, horseback riding, fishing, sea kayaking, cruising the Fjord, swimming, sailing, salmon fishing, are some examples of the wonderful pastimes that await you.

If you are adventurous enough you can even attempt the walk all the way up to l’Anse a la Tabatière and discover the Saguenay Fjord, the 7th greatest attraction in Canada.

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