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Spa nordique Saguenay

We are living in times where there is too much stimulation. Our brain is overloaded. Our senses are weakened;  therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find pleasure.  For all these reasons, as treatment, we are searching for healthy ways to find pleasure. To accomplish this task, we must know when to stop and return to the basic source of relaxation. It is here, in our complex, that we are suggesting you the magic of water.

In Germany, 150 years ago, was born the concept of therapeutic treatment alternating hot and cold temperature. Its effects are beneficial for blood circulation, the nervous system, and other body systems.

Indeed, the steam bath tradition can be traced far back into the Roman Empire. The steam baths were commonly called “thermea” (from the Greek word thermos, meaning hot). Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Arabians discovered the Greek bath and the Roman thermea. Inspired by them, they created the Turkish bath or hammam from Arabic. Its etymology means “heat”.

Spa quatre saisons

It is quite common to hear about Scandinavian spas. As a matter of fact, the tradition of warm bath followed by a cold bath is originally from Scandinavian countries. Thus, Finnish sauna sessions unfold according to a special ritual and allow us to deeply clean ourselves, relax, and socialize. It has been a daily routine for many generations.

All these customs inspired Édouard-les-Bains to build a Nordic spa. You can find Roman baths, hammams, Finnish sauna, and Californian baths (Jacuzzis). The various sessions are interrupted by some rest time in a yurt; large round tent used by Turkish nomads and Mongolians from Central Asia. It is just like a journey though different cultures. We strongly believe that people who will try this experience will bear witness to a smooth relaxing sensation.

Our services

In order to fully benefit from the properties of the Nordic baths, it is recommended to plan at least 3 hours for a session. We are suggesting that you start the session with a dry heat (infrared heat sauna, obviously UV free) or steam sauna (hammam).  Subsequently, we are offering you to cool off in a Nordic bath at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, which can be done under a waterfall or directly in snow. Afterwards, it is recommended to relax in the yurt or at the resting area. Finally, it is a great pleasure to continue your session in a Californian bath (Jacuzzi) at a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to fully enjoy its benefits, it is recommended to repeat the procedure three times. Access is limited to 18 years old and older.

No reservation is required to access our site. However, bathing suit must be worn at all times. In addition, we recommend that you bring a pair of sandals and a robe. Upon your arrival, you will receive a towel. Robes are also available for rent.

In order to maximize your experience, you may treat yourself with a massage by one of our professional massage therapist. Receipt is available upon request.

Warning: Using the spas is not recommended for pregnant women, or those with heart conditions and hypertension.


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